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On this page, you will find every retreat we have on at Tara IKRC in chronological order. From one day retreats to 6 week retreats. Every type of retreat you need to find meaningful inner peace

One week retreat with Gen Kelsang Losel

Transform Your Life

12th - 18th July 2024

Transform your life with ‘Advice from Atisha’s Heart’
Atisha holds a special place in the hearts of all Kadampa Buddhists - it was Atisha’s special presentation of Buddha’s teachings that became known as ‘Lamrim’ - the stages of the path to enlightenment that we follow today. This much loved text - full of priceless nuggets of advice from Venerable Atisha- will bring great benefit to meditators both old and new!

Gen Losel will be drawing extensively on Geshela’s commentaries given at spring and summer festivals in 1994.

Everyone is welcome!

One Day Retreat with Gen Kelsang Dema

Controlling Our Emotions

20th July 10-11:15am | 12noon-1:15pm |4:00-5.15pm 

At times, those we love the most can be the ones with whom we have the most problems and who create the greatest tensions. On this day retreat, we will learn practical methods to keep our mind calm and our heart open with everyone, regardless of what they say or do.

Gen Kelsang Tonglam is the National Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU for East Asia and the Resident Teacher of KMC Hong Kong and KMC Taiwan.

The Heart Sutra - a Method for Overcoming All Obstacles

11th - 17th August 2024
International Post-Summer Festival Retreat

Take the teachings of the NKT International Summer Festival at Manjushri KMC into our heart at Tara IKRC and deepen our experience of preventing obstacles in daily life through this powerful method taught by Buddha Shakyamuni himself on Massed Vultures mountain in India.

Weekend Retreat with Gen Kelsang Dema

Relax and Just Let Go!

23rd - 26th August

Enjoy a quiet and peaceful weekend of guided meditations and teachings on developing inner peace and contentment. A wonderful opportunity to feel refreshed and develop a calm, spacious mind.

One Day Retreat with Maria Healey

Attaining Fearlessness

31st August 10-11:15am | 12noon-1:15pm |4:00-5.15pm 

A brief introduction to the traditional Kadampa Buddhist practice of ‘Liberation from Sorrow’, a series of chanted prayers offered to the twenty-one Taras. Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas. Everybody welcome!

beginner's weekend retreat

Finding Stillness Within

27th - 29th September

Real happiness only comes to us when our mind is peaceful. Even if we have all the best conditions in our life such as good friends, money, good health and so on, if our mind is disturbed or irritated in any way it is very hard to feel truly happy. When we distract ourselves with various pleasures the relief we feel is fleeting and soon disappears. On this weekend we get a chance to experience real inner peace through meditation and set up good habits to carry into our daily routine. Methods from the ancient wisdom of Buddhism made accessible for our busy modern lives. Everybody is welcome to join.

beginner's weekend retreat

Learning Meditations that Work

18th - 20th October

A gentle introduction to the ancient art of meditation in easy to learn steps. Meditation essentially familiarizes our minds with the causes of real happiness. It is a type of concentration that is single-pointedly focused on things that will give us a calm and peaceful mind - and this in turn leads us to be happy. Although we need to meditate in a quiet environment regularly, once we have learned how to control our mind in this way we can be focusing on things that keep us peaceful throughout the day and night - everyone needs this and everyone is welcome!

Gen Kelsang Ananda, NKT National Spiritual Director for Germany and Resident Teacher for Tharpaland KMC.

Attaining Inner Pure Dakini Land

8th - 3th November 2024
International Post-Fall Festival Retreat

Why not bathe in an ocean of blessings enjoying Tara International Retreat Centre's special retreat conditions? This is the perfect way to strengthen your meditations on the completion stage of Venerable Vajrayogini.