Prayers for World Peace will return Mid February 2024

Embueing oneself with positivity

By learning to cherish others we can experience greater peace of mind and help to establish world peace in general. 

Through contemplating these prayers compiled by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche from traditional sources, we learn to cherish others. If everyone sincerely prays to be able to cherish others, then gradually through the power of this prayer, everyone will actually cherish each other and the world will then be permanently at peace, and pure and everlasting happiness will pervade the entire world.

No need to book and no fee, just drop in!

Be guided in a short breathing meditation and connect to an experience of inner peace. No prior experience is necessary.

Every week the teachings explore one aspect of Dharma, or Buddha’s teachings, which focus on solutions to problems in daily life, inducing genuine optimism and increased happiness. Enjoy beautiful chanted prayers to enhance your experience of peace and happiness. Singing is not required and prayer booklets are available.

After the class why not visit our World Peace Café and enjoy the grounds?