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Sundays 10:30-11:45am

KIDS CLUB - Sunday Fun Day!

Children are welcome at Tara IKRC!

The number one thing we think when we begin to practice Dharma and meditation later in life is: “Boy, I wish I had started doing this when I was younger!”. Learning to control the mind and develop a meditation practice early in life is immeasurably beneficial.

They will hear Buddhas teachings on loving kindness and compassion in a bitesize, light and accessible way for children. These simple meditations or ways of thinking (can be practised byanyone, Buddhist or not) give children techniques to gain confidence, mindfulness, consideration for others and patience which will help them in their daily life to feel happy and positive.

These classes aim to develop and nurture your child’s good qualities through Buddhist meditation and positive thinking. In each class we practise a simple breathing meditation which helps to make their mind calm and peaceful. This is a fantastic tool for children to learn and get better at, so they can call upon it if they ever feel worried, stressed or just unhappy in any way.

We also do a variety of activities, such as arts and craft, drama, stories, music and fun outdoor activities and games.

Everyone is welcome!

Fee for this class is £4 per child
Free for Members


The Buddhism for Children series invites children to make a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement to help them realize their full potential. The purpose is not to convert them to Buddhism but simply to show how everyone, Buddhist or non-Buddhist, can learn something from the teachings of Buddha. These books address the reader in a mature fashion, using the life and teachings of Buddha as a basis for exploring many of the issues and concerns that confront children today.

Venue & Parking

These classes are taking place at:

Tara IKRC, Ashe Hall, Ash Lane, Etwall DE65 6HT

Free parking and disabled parking available on site.


10:15 am Doors open

10:30-11:45 am Teaching

10:50-11:00am Guided meditation

11:00-11:30am Q&A for parents and

The Teacher

Debbie Mason who is a parent, a Kadampa Teacher and a meditation practitioner of many years.  

The arts and crafts sessions will be facilitated by Sam Shaw and Will Bryan.

Fees & Booking

Regular £4 for 5 to 12 year olds | free for adults
Members: no charge (click here for more info about the monthly membership)

How to book: You can book in advance via our website or simply drop in and register upon arrival. Pre-registration is encouraged to allow a smoother registration process and decrease your waiting time at the door. Doors will open 30 minutes before the start of the event. Please arrive 15 minutes before class starts.

To book in advance, click on the booking button below and fill out the booking form. At the end of the booking process, you will receive an email confirming your booking.

Payment methods: For pre-registration via our website, we accept credit cards. For registration on site upon arrival, we accept cash, debit and credit cards.

Terms & Conditions

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If you have any questions or booking inquiries, please email: or call us on 01283 732338 during Reception opening hours.