What to expect when attending a class

Tara International Kadampa Retreat centre meditate in Derby

We Offer meditation classes for everyone. The classes are self contained so you can join at anytime. Classes generally consist of two guided meditations as well as a practical presentation of Buddha's teachings to help solve our daily problems and increase our experience of inner peace

We remove our shoes to enter into the meditation rooms and turn our phones to silent/off to stop distractions for ourself or others during the sessions. We can be seated on a chair or on a meditation cushion both of which are set out in the room when you arrive. If there are any prayers to be used during the session, there will be booklets available for you to follow or sing along if you wish

Some people like to bring a notebook and pen (available in the shop) to take notes during classes. This helps us take the teachings to heart throughout our week by reminding ourselves of the main points of the teaching

Tea and Biscuits

After weekly classes there is the opportunity for tea and biscuits so that we can sit and talk with others about our understanding of the teachings and share our experience of putting them into practice in our daily life