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Meditate in Uttoxeter

You can book online or just drop in on the night and pay by cash or card.

Booking for each date is at the bottom of this page.

Evening mediation class in Uttoxeter

Thursday evenings: 6:30 - 8:00 pm

Venue: The Globe Eco Centre, Old Mill, Church Street, Uttoxeter ST 14 8AG

Cost: £7, pay cash or book online

Teacher: Kelsang Tharlam

Normally when things go wrong in our life we tend to blame our situation and especially other people, including those close to us. In these classes we'll discover special wisdom techniques to see things clearly and maintain a peaceful, balanced mind all the time. In this way we can be happy all the time, benefiting ourself and others. How wonderful!

Sept 14: Finding Inner Peace

Learning the true source of happiness
Meditation: Body of light

Sept 21: Enjoying a Peaceful Mind

Getting to know our own mind
Meditation: What is my mind?

Sept 28: Keeping a Happy Mind

Developing and maintaining a peaceful mind all the time
Meditation: Mindful breathing

Oct 5: Advice for a Happy Life

Our busy life in perspective
Meditation: Joyful changes in impermanence

Next class Oct 19

These sessions are self contained so you can start at any time. Simple guided meditations and a talk on Buddhist topics from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's books, followed by an opportunity for tea and biscuits and a chat with the teacher and other attendees. We sit on chairs for the class and booklets are provided for a short Buddhist prayer that is played at every session.

The session Teacher is Kelsang Tharlam, who studies the Teacher Training Programme at Tara IKRC and has been ordained as a Kadampa Buddhist nun for many years. She shares her wealth of meditative experience with joy and clarity, and explains how to apply Buddha’s teachings practically to daily life.