Saturday 6th April - NKT Day

Open Day at Tara International Kadampa Retreat Centre

On this day we will have two one-hour sessions which will include: free guided meditation, New Kadampa Tradition video showing and a talk on the history of Ashe Hall. Everyone is welcome to Tara IKRC Open Day. No need to book, just drop in.

On this day we will also offer in the morning a Half Day course: Making Happiness a Habit. If you wish to attend this course you will need to book in advance or pay at the door. Please make sure you arrive 15 minutes before the course starts.

For more information and timetable please scroll down.

Open Day sessions 1:30-2:30pm | 2:30-3:30pm You are welcome to attend either of these sessions - no fee - in each session:-

Free guided meditation

A twenty minute session. A taster of meditation to give everyone the opportunity to find out for themselves, the benefits of meditation followed by a short tour of the statues inside the Buddhist shrine in Tara's main Meditation Hall and a chance for questions about Buddhism

Video Showing

There will then be a 20 minute video called "Forty Years of Kindness" showing the unsurpassed accomplishments of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche from his arrival in the UK in August 1977 to how centres such as Tara IKRC came into being in countries throughout the world through the power of his inspiration

History of Ashe Hall

A talk on the history of Ashe Hall, from an entry in the Domesday book to modern Buddhism! Explaining how, in the modern day, Ashe Hall has become an International retreat centre for profound Buddhist meditation practice.

Saturday 6th April | No fee in afternoon and evening

NKT Day ~ Open Day

The first Saturday in April is set aside to commemorate the founding of NKT–IKBU by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche in 1991.

The occasion is marked by special events and by pujas and dedications at Kadampa centres worldwide. Prayers are made for the flourishing of Kadam Dharma throughout the world so that all living beings might quickly find permanent inner peace.

Above all, we remember the extraordinary kindness of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche in founding the New Kadampa Tradition –International Kadampa Buddhist Union. At Tara IKRC we will be engaging in special prayers - Offering to the Spiritual Guide with tsog (food) offering in the evening of NKT Day. Everybody welcome!

On this day we also offer a special half-day course

Half-Day Course ~ 'Making Happiness a Habit' 10-11am | 12-1pm

Suitable for beginners as well as for those with some experience.

Making Happiness a Habit

Half-day course 10-11am | 12-1pm
with Donna Cooper

Our thoughts create our world, so our mind can be our best friend or our worst enemy. How wonderful it would be to relate to ourself and our world in a way that allows happiness and joy to naturally arise from within. Join us to learn together how to make happiness a habit.

Everybody is welcome – no need for any previous experience of meditation.

6th April Timetable

10:00-11:00am 'Making Happiness a Habit' session 1
12:00-1:00pm 'Making Happiness a Habit' session 2
1:30-2:30pm Guided meditation, video showing, history of Ashe Hall
2:30-3:30pm Guided meditation, video showing, history of Ashe Hall

7.30pm Offering to the Spiritual Guide puja