Saturday Afternoon Courses

Saturday Afternoon Courses



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Meditation Class Derby
Saturday 9th March

The Meditation Toolkit

In order to improve the power of our meditations, we need to assemble a toolkit of specific mental skills. In this course, we will look at simple, yet profound meditations which will help us develop and maintain a peaceful mind, how to use alertness to keep our mind focused on the object and how to prevent distractions from destroying the strength of our meditation.

Saturday 27th April

Silencing the inner critic

Many of us have a tendency to be our own worst critic, which leads to low self-esteem and a negative self-perception. Why not learn how to feel better about yourself! In this course, we will learn how to use Buddha’s teachings and meditations to let go of self-critical thoughts and the negative feelings they produce.

Saturday 11th May

Finding Inner Strength

Even after we’ve learned how to meditate and have developed a strong wish to practise, we frequently experience obstacles that make regular practice difficult, we still feel that we have neither the time nor the mental energy to practise. In this course, we will look at methods to overcome these obstacles and how to develop a mind of joyful effort.

Saturday 8th June

Being at peace with everyone

In this course, we will learn practical methods to keep our mind calm and our heart open with everyone, regardless of what they say or do. With this calm mind, we can be at peace with everyone, using challenging situations as opportunities for spiritual growth. This is the best way to enjoy quality time with friends and family, giving them the gift of peace and happiness!