Supreme Inner Protection

Friday 29th March - Thursday 4th April 2024

Easter Break - Mahayana Refuge Vow Ceremony, teachings and retreat on Buddhist refuge with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab

The week will begin with a special introduction on what refuge actually means on Friday evening with Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab, who will then grant the Mahayana Refuge Vow on Saturday morning.

Going for refuge

Going for refuge is the first of the four great preliminary guides which lead us to the state of full enlightenment. Through training in sincerely going for refuge we enter the gateway to Buddhism; and training in the compassionate mind of bodhichitta we enter the gateway to the Mahayana – the main path to the state of enlightenment.

Entering Buddhism

If we do not have a practice of refuge in the Three Jewels – Buddha, Dharma and Sangha – we will not enter Buddhism and this means we have no opportunity to attain permanent liberation from suffering or the supreme happiness of Enlightenment. Then we will have lost the meaning of human life.

There will be four guided sessions a day, (except when there is Wishfulfilling Jewel tsog offering puja), and the practice is accomplished within the sadhana Essence of Good Fortune.

Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab

The Teacher

A retired General Spiritual Director of NKT-IKBU Gen-la Kelsang Khyenrab is also the Resident Teacher at Tara International Kadampa Retreat Centre. Gen-la is deeply respected throughout the Kadampa world as a sincere practitioner and powerful teacher.


Friday 29th March
7.30-9.00pm Teaching - What is Refuge?

Saturday 30th March

9.00am-10.00am Guided Meditation
11.00am-12.30pm Mahayana Refuge Vow Ceremony
4.00pm-5.30pm Teaching - Enjoying a Life of Supreme Protection
7.30pm Wishfulfilling Jewel puja with tsog offering

Sunday 31st March - Wednesday 3rd April

7.00am-8.30am session one
11.00am-12.30pm session two
4.00pm-5.30pm session three
7.30-9.00pm session four

Thursday 4th April
7.00am-8.30am session one
11.00am-12.30pm Final session of retreat

Refuge Ceremony, all teachings and retreat sessions are with Gen la Khyenrab.


We offer comfortable, clean accommodation with beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere to help you gain the best experience of this special weekend retreat. 

Along with 38 acres of woodland and parkland as well as our Tharpa bookstore and gift shop and World Peace Cafe - Tara IKRC is the perfect place to engage in meaningful retreat and relax