Lunchtime Meditations

Duration: 20mins || Cost: Free

Free of charge and Brand New!

New Weekend Lunchtime Meditation

Saturday and Sunday 2-2.30pm

Retreat UK

Monday to Friday 12.30pm

These sessions will allow you to become familiar with the basic techniques of Kadampa meditation:

- Physical posture
- How to use the breath
- Using Mindfulness

Meditate in Derby
Meditation Class in Derby

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful so that we can find relief from mental discomfort, worries or anxiety.

Through a qualified meditation practice, we become deeply familiar with states of mind that are conducive to happiness. 

These 20 minute sessions will allow you to truly relax and de-stress. Returning to your day feeling clear-headed and refreshed. 

A typical session includes a short talk and a guided breathing meditation.

No need to book and no fee, just drop in!