Heart Meditations to Transform your Life

Week long retreat guided by Gen Kelsang Losel

Friday 12th July - Thursday 18th July 2024

Guided meditation retreat

Heart Meditations to Transform your life

Atisha's Advice

"Always keep a smiling face and a loving mind and speak truthfully without malice"

Gen Losel will lead this retreat on the much loved Kadampa text  'Advice from Atisha's Heart'. Atisha gives us advice from his heart on how to follow a way of life that is both joyful and meaningful. If we try our best to put these special instructions into practice in our busy life  we shall develop a pure and happy mind, inspire others to follow our example and progress steadily towards the ultimate peace of enlightenment! 

The stages of the path to enlightenment, or Lamrim in Tibetan, is the backbone of Kadampa Buddhism.

Lamrim is a special set of instructions that includes all the essential teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni arranged in such a way that all his Hinayana and Mahayana teachings can be put into practice in a single meditation session.

It was compiled by the great Indian Buddhist Master Atisha, who was invited to Tibet by King Jangchub Ö in AD 1042, and who spent the rest of his life there spreading pure Dharma.


Friday 12th July
7.30pm Introduction

Sat 13th - Weds 17th July     
7.00am-8.30am Breakfast
9.30-10.30am session 1 
12 noon - 1.00pm session 2
1.00pm Lunch 
4.30pm - 5.30pm session 3
6.00pm Supper

Thursday 18th July        
9.30-10.30am session 1
12 noon to 1.00pm Final session
1.00pm Lunch and depart


We offer comfortable, clean accommodation with beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere to help you gain the best experience of this special weekend retreat. 

Along with 38 acres of woodland and parkland as well as our Tharpa bookstore and gift shop and World Peace Cafe - Tara IKRC is the perfect place to engage in meaningful retreat and relax