Guru Yoga and Mandala Offering Retreat with Gen la Kelsang Khyenrab

Friday 14th - Sunday 16th June 2024 A special way of relying upon our Spiritual Guide

Drawing close to our Spiritual Guide and Accumulating Merit

Guru Yoga & Mandala Offering

Guru Yoga and Mandala Offering retreat combines two of the four great preliminary guides that we need to practise if we want to gain Mahamudra realizations – the quick path to enlightenment.

We all wish for spiritual realizations, but these depend upon creating certain inner conditions such as purifying negativity, accumulating merit, and receiving blessings. In the brief retreat we can enjoy these three activities. Everybody is welcome! If possible please bring your own mandala kit.

Increasing good fortune and receiving blessings

In this retreat we focus on the preliminary practices of accumulating merit and receiving blessings. Making mandala offerings is the gateway to accumulating the collection of merit and attaining an enlightened pure land and Guru Yoga is the gateway to receiving powerful blessings of all the Buddhas of the ten directions through our Spiritual Guide.

There will be four sessions a day, except when there are tsog offering Pujas, and the practice is accomplished within the sadhana Offering to the Spiritual Guide.


Friday 14th June
7.30pm - 9pm How to engage in the Retreat with Gen la Kelsang Khyenrab

Saturday 15th June

7am - 8.30am Session 1
10.30am - 12pm Session 2
4pm - 5.30pm Session 3
7.30pm Wishfulfilling jewel with Tsog

Sunday 16th June
7am - 8.30am Session 4
10.30am - 12pm last session


We offer comfortable, clean accommodation with beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere to help you gain the best experience of this special weekend retreat. 

Along with 38 acres of woodland and parkland as well as our Tharpa bookstore and gift shop and World Peace Cafe - Tara IKRC is the perfect place to engage in meaningful retreat and relax.