An opportunity for a day of Peace 
How does the course begin:
After a brief introduction to the subject of the day, the Teacher will guide a meditation which aims to relax us so that our minds are clearer and prepared for understanding the retreat. We then engage in some short traditional prayers in English (booklets are provided if you wish to follow along) 
The course
We then listen to a teaching on the theme of the day. This is a time to discover how Buddha's instructions help us to:
- Identify our negative states of mind, which are the source of all our problems
- Develop our virtuous inner qualities through strengthening our wisdom and compassion
Approximately 30 minutes of teaching 
Guided meditation
At the end of the session, we meditate on the theme to:
- Improve our awareness of the subject
- Develop constructive states of mind
- Gradually transform our daily lives
About 15 minutes
These sessions will include longer meditations as the day progresses to deepen our understanding and experience, there will be an opportunity for question and answer session with the Teacher on the day. 
In between sessions, there is an opportunity to explore and enjoy the 38 acres of woodlands, enjoy a drink with friends in our World Peace Cafe or shop in the Tara Bookstore and Gift shop. 
What themes are covered?
Each course is self-contained and deals with a different subject related to the book being studied. Here are some examples:
- Developing inner peace of mind
- Destroying negative minds
- Cherishing others
- Karma and rebirth
- Developing faith