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Meditate in Burton

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Evening Meditation Class in Burton-upon-Trent

Wednesday evenings: 7:30 - 9:00 pm

Venue: The Brewhouse, Union St, Burton-on-Trent DE14 1AA

Cost: £7, pay cash or book online

Teacher: Kelsang Pador

Normally when things go wrong in our life we tend to blame our situation and especially other people, including those close to us. In these classes we'll discover special wisdom techniques to see things clearly and maintain a peaceful, balanced mind all the time. In this way we can be happy all the time, benefiting ourself and others. How wonderful!


Nov 15:  Scientific methods taught by Buddha

Buddha’s teachings are scientific methods to solve the problems of all living beings permanently. By putting his teachings into practice we will become permanently free from all our suffering and problems and eventually enjoy pure, everlasting happiness.

Meditation: I need to practise Buddha's teachings

Nov 22:  Faith - the key to inner peace

When our mind is peaceful and calm we are really happy; but if our mind is not peaceful we are not happy, even if our external conditions are perfect. By receiving Buddha’s blessings with a mind of faith we will experience mental peace and enjoy true happiness within.

Meditation: Feeling of faith

Nov 29:  How our mind continues after death

When we understand that our mind is a separate entity from our body we realise that even when our body dies our mind continues. In this way we can understand clearly the existence of our future lives and prepare for them now, in this life. There is nothing more meaningful.

Meditation: What is my mind?

Dec 6:  What is modern Kadampa Buddhism?

Modern Kadampa Buddhism is a special presentation of Buddha’s teachings that is especially suited to the modern world. Everyone, even non-Buddhists, can benefit from it. Discover how it can help you transform your life.

Meditation: Story of Atisha

Dec 13:  Controlling our mind with Lamrim

Everyone needs to make their life happy and meaningful, to solve temporarily their human problems and ultimately to find pure and everlasting happiness. We can accomplish this through Buddha’s Lamrim teachings from which we learn how to control our anger, attachment, jealousy, and especially ignorance.

Meditation: If I really want to be happy I must learn to control my mind

Term break until January

Jan 10: What is meditation and how does it help?
We want to be happy all the time, even during our dreams. How can we do this? Through training in meditation. Meditation makes our mind become peaceful, and when our mind is peaceful we are happy all the time, even if our external conditions are poor

Meditation: Breathing meditation

Jan 17: What is the real meaning of human life?

Material possessions, reputation, good looks, power, excitement, adventure and relationships can make us superficially happy for a short time, but they can never give us the real happiness that in our hearts we long for. This we can find only through an authentic spiritual practice

Meditation: I must practise Dharma purely and sincerely

Jan 24: How awareness of death enriches our life

Although we usually do not like to think about death, Buddha says awareness of our mortality is the best way to make our life truly meaningful. Meditating on death opens the door to the spiritual path

Meditation: I may die today, I may die today

Jan 31: Avoiding future suffering

We may wonder what happens when we die. Buddha taught that the kind of rebirth we take depends on our actions, or karma, and he explained that performing non-virtuous actions is the main cause of taking lower rebirth. How can we be sure we do not take lower rebirth in our next life?

Meditation: The danger of lower rebirth

Feb 7: Who can really protect us?

When our life is in danger or we are threatened or sick we usually seek refuge in the police, doctors etc. But they can provide only temporary protection. We can enjoy permanent liberation from all sufferings only by seeking refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.

Meditation: Going for refuge to the Three Jewels

These sessions are self contained so you can start at any time. Simple guided meditations and a talk on Buddhist topics from Geshe Kelsang Gyatso's books, followed by an opportunity for tea and biscuits and a chat with the teacher and other attendees. We sit on chairs for the class and booklets are provided for a short Buddhist prayer that is played at every session.

The Teacher is Kelsang Pador, Buddhist monk and Foundation Programme student at Tara IKRC. He is well respected as a kind-hearted and calm presence. His teachings are clear, light-hearted and insightful, demonstrating a practical approach to all aspects of the Buddhist spiritual path, Kelsang Pador is greatly cherished by students for his warmth and compassion.