Winter Retreat | Week 2 | 9 - 15th January 2024

Booking for One Week Only
Please select the week you would like to book and meal options and add to cart. Then proceed to the payment page.

Booking for more than One Week
Please select the week you would like to book, accommodation and meal options and add to cart. Then return to the main Winter Retreat page, repeat the same process for another week. Once all the desire weekly bookings are in your cart, proceed to the payment page. Discount will be given for those who book 3 weeks or more. 

*Members (Class Pass Holders) receive 35% discount on the weekly bookings for retreat fee only. 

Accommodation options for weekly bookings include single room, female shared room and male shared rooms with shared bathroom facilities. If the preferred accommodation is not available, you can fill in the accommodation waiting list. However this does not guarantee you the accommodation.

Please select meals separately from the drop down options. We can cater for vegetarian and vegan meals only. 

Split Payments
Split payment is now available for this retreat. In order for the split payment to work for the chosen accommodation, please re-book your accommodation from the accommodation link in your cart you can then delete the original accommodation. The split payment will show on the next page. Please email if there are any questions.

How would you like to attend?