Letting Go of Anxiety with Maria Healey | Sat 27th April

Letting Go of Anxiety

Anxiety is one of our bad mental habits, and like all habits it can be broken.  Since time without beginning we have been under the control of our own mind, like a puppet on a string.  We have been like a servant working for our mind and when it wants to do something - like getting anxious - we have to do it without any choice. 

However, through learning about how our mind works - through sincere meditation practice - we can reverse this situation and gain mastery over our own mind.  Creating a peaceful mind within ourselves we can then experience the real happiness that we desire.  By transforming our mind in this way we will find real freedom from anxiety and all other inner problems.  Then we can live the life that we truly long for. 

Everybody is welcome! 

10:00-11:00am First Session
11:00-12:noon Break (visit our World peace cafe and Tharpa Bookstore and Gift Shop
12noon-1:00pm Second Session

Optional Lunch 
Optional lunch on Saturday after the course £5.

Why not stay over at Tara? 
If you would like to stay over the night before and attend Curry and Calm just let us know by emailing info@tarakmc.org - Breakfast is available and we have comfortable and clean simple or en-suite rooms for you to enjoy a peaceful night 

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