Being at Peace with Loss and Change with Nick Vaz | Sat 11th May

Being at Peace with Loss and Change 

Losing the people and things that we love and dealing with unexpected changes in our lives is an experience that we find deeply painful. Although we long to find lasting happiness, comfort and security in people and things, in the end none of them can be with us forever.

On this course we will learn how, through meditation, we can develop a special wisdom that will help us to deal with the inevitable winds of change and loss in our lives and learn to be calm and happy all the time. We can become a strong, wise and peaceful person for the benefit of both ourself and others around us.

You will discover how to:

  • Let go of the things you cannot control
  • Transform difficulties in a positive way
  • Remain peaceful and benefit others

Everyone is welcome!

10:00-11:00am First Session
11:00-12noon Break (visit our World peace cafe and Tharpa Bookstore and Gift Shop
12noon-1:00pm Second Session

Optional Lunch 
Optional lunch on Saturday after the course £5.

Why not stay over at Tara? 
If you would like to stay over the night before and attend Pasta and Peace the next day just let us know by emailing - Breakfast is available and we have comfortable and clean simple or en-suite rooms for you to enjoy a peaceful night

How would you like to attend?