What Happens When We Die with Kelsang Tharlam | Sat 6th July

What Happens When We Die

What happens when our body and mind part company? What happens to our mind at death, during death and after? Is brain-death the same as mind-death? Does our mind just fade into oblivion or continue its journey? And if so, what can we expect?

What can we learn about our mind and the possibilities beyond the narrow confines of this life? Why not enter the fascinating world of Buddha’s wisdom and discover an unknown reality beyond our daily routine? And use this knowledge to live a happier and more confident life and add depth to your spiritual practice.

We may not be happy to hear about our death but contemplating and meditating on death is very important for the effectiveness of our meditation practice because it prevents the main obstacle to our practice - laziness of attachment to the things of this life.

Kadampa Buddhist nun, Kelsang Tharlam, will talk about these thought-provoking questions and explain the unique answers found only in Buddha’s teachings.

Please join us if you would like to learn more about this intriguing subject.

 Everybody welcome.

10:00-11:00am First Session
11:00-12noon Break (visit our World peace cafe and Tharpa Bookstore and Gift Shop
12noon-1:00pm Second Session

Optional Lunch 
Optional lunch on Saturday after the course £5.

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