The Art of Making Tormas with Kelsang Pagma | Sun 21st Jul

Mandala Offering for Beginners

Tormas are traditional offerings, usually made of yellow and white marzipan and then painted with red food colouring, that are offered to the Buddhas in various ritual practices and prayers such as empowerments, retreats and chanted prayers. The Teacher, Kelsang Pagma, will share her wealth of experience in the art of making tormas, as well as explaining the meaning of torma offerings. Everyone will get the chance to practice.  You are welcome to bring your own marzipan!

9:00am Doors open
10:00-11:00am Session 1
11:00-12:noon Complimentary refreshments in the Lounge
12:noon-1:00pm Session 2

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Optional Lunch 

Optional lunch after the workshop £5.

Optional Accommodation

If you would like to stay overnight either the day before or after, please email Thank you.

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