Friday Night Lecture - Friday 17th May

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Title: Can faith be scientific?

Time: 7.30pm - 9pm

Usually when people think of faith they think of blind faith. Although many people like the idea of faith, others believe that faith implies suspending disbelief or is somehow irrational. Is there a way that faith can be scientific and reliable? 

In actuality Buddhism is an inner science and the teachings are something we should test and put into practice for ourselves to check they are correct. Faith comes from personal experience of the practice of Buddha’s teachings, which are based on logic and reason. By understanding exactly what faith is and what it leads to, our viewpoint could be drastically changed.

On this Friday Night Lecture, Gen-la Kelsanga Khyenrab  will explain what faith is and how we can live a better life when we have faith in our heart. We will also look at how faith is developed, as well as common misconceptions about it.

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